Lindsay Oral Hygiene/Cleaning

Lindsay Oral Hygiene/Cleaning

Good oral hygiene and cleanings are important to your health.

We refer to oral hygiene and cleaning as routine care, but the truth is it’s anything but routine. Oral hygiene and professional cleanings are the “front lines” of dental care, detecting and treating tooth decay and other issues before they become more serious. And, of course, it leaves your smile looking its best!

Regular appointments are not just great for the appearance of your smile; they’re vital for good health. When we clean your teeth, we’re removing plaque and tartar to prevent decay and periodontal issues. Preventative dentistry is just like preventative health care, and we all know that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Assessing your gums, teeth, and oral tissues are part of this prevention, as are cleanings and fluoride treatments. In addition, professional cleaning and scaling, polishing, and x-rays allow us to keep tabs on the various aspects of your oral health, in every corner of your mouth.

Proper brushing and flossing technique is essential, and so we provide patient education to make certain that you’ve got what you need to extend that preventative care once you leave our office. We love to answer questions, so ask your dentist or hygienist for any tips or advice they might have to help you take care of your mouth between visits.

At Dentistry on Kent, we love to see you leave with a big, bright smile, and we want to help you keep it that way!

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